Adobe & Macromedia, Day 1

Day 1 has arrived and we are all very excited. Many people have visited both the Adobe and Macromedia web sites today, eager for information about what is happening with their favorite products. Upon arriving at either site, visitors will have noticed a few changes. If you are interested in the thought process behind the changes to the two web sites, please visit David Hatch’s blog where he describes the design goals for Day 1 and outlines the plans for the future of the sites. It’s a great read!

4 Responses to Adobe & Macromedia, Day 1

  1. professional web design says:

    …though it’ll be confusing at first to know that macromeddia is now adobe,at least they have crosslinking that would allow easy access to and from each company‚Äôs web site in places

  2. Elin says:

    I can’t seem to find educational pricing for products sold in Norway… can students and teachers in Norway order an educational licence for a single bundle package over the US store?

  3. Lynn Grillo says:

    Elin, I am not sure. Here is the number for customer support in Norway: (+31) 20 582 0869. Perhaps they will know.

  4. slllllll says:

    perfect day ^_^