Converting Quark Documents to InDesign

Adobe InDesign can open and convert Quark XPress 3.3-4.x files all by itself, but can’t open XPress files created with newer versions such as 5, 6, or 6.5. To fill the gap, Markzware has released a new InDesign plug-in called Q2ID that does the trick.

This Mac-only plug-in kicks in when you access the File > Open command in InDesign and select an XPress file. In the examples I’ve seen, the conversions were very faithful to the original. No conversion will be 100% accurate considering the two applications have different file formats, text engines, and so on, but if a quick conversion gets you 95% of the way there you’ll be saving a ton of time!

Has anybody else out there worked with this plug-in yet?

3 Responses to Converting Quark Documents to InDesign

  1. missy says:

    adam – can’t help you with info on the indesign plug-in – i haven’t been able to justify the purchase of indesign yet, but i’m getting there. i’m currently attempting to convert a 5.0 qxd file to a 7.0 pagemaker file (both are PC) with ZERO luck. got any tips for me there?

  2. Adam Pratt says:

    Because PageMaker 7 is older than Quark 5, I can’t imagine how PageMaker could open those files on its own. I would try saving back to Quark 4 and then trying the conversion to PageMaker. I have to admit it’s been at least a decade since I tried to convert a Quark files to PageMaker, but here’s an explanation of the options:

  3. Nicole Lantz says:

    I am totally new to InDesign. Mostly I do digital art in Photoshop CS2. I have agreed to do a program layout for a local music festival. Because I want to learn Indesign. Last years program was given to me to work from. It was done in PageMaker (not sure what version) I have InDesign 3.0 . I do not have all the original ads, just what was in the file given to me. How big of a mess am I getting into by not having the links to the original files for the ads?[It depends on whether or not you’ll need to print that old content. If you’ll be updating the publication with new ads or just using it as a guide you should be fine. If you’ll need to re-print those old ads, then you’ll need to get your hands on those old ads. InDesign is great, but it can’t turn low-res proxy images into hi-res printed content. -Adam]