Funky Filters for InDesign

The folks over at Rogue Sheep have released a new InDesign plug-in called Magma Effects 1.0. It’s an interesting plug-in that brings Apple’s Core Image filter effect technology to raster images in an InDesign layout. Select a raster image (or an empty frame) and choose Object > Magma Effects to open a large modal dialog that includes a real-time (depending on video card) preview.

There are over 100 different filters and effects you can apply and you can even apply multiple filters at the same time. When you find combinations of filters you want to use over and over again, you can save the effect as a preset for easy re-use. When you save the results of an effect, the plug-in saves a new, flattened RGB copy of the image as either a TIFF, JPEG, or PNG.It’s an interesting plug-in, but if you use native image formats you’ll have to decide if loosing all layers and native editing capability is worth the wow. This Mac-only (OS X 10.4.1 and up) plug-in sells for $50, but you can download a tryout version for InDesign CS or InDesign CS2. The tryout version is fully functional, but the images include a visible watermark.Has anybody been working with Magma Effects?

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