EVDO on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

If you’re not already familiar with EVDO, start at the EVDOinfo.com site. Basically, it’s wireless broadband just about anywhere. Many of us on the technical resources team spend so much time on the road that we need a fast, convenient, and wireless way to keep in touch. We’re all heavy Mac users, and these EVDO cards have worked very well in the PC Card slots of our PowerBooks.

I was pretty jazzed about the new MacBook Pro (the name reminds me of PhotoDeluxe) until I realized it has no PC Card slot. Instead, Apple has opted for an Express34 slot. So far, I’ve only found ten devices that support this technology and none of them are EVDO cards. I don’t wanna sound like a tech weenie, but traveling without EVDO is like using a PowerBook without Airport. Once you have it, it’s hard to imagine going back.Well, the good folks over at EVDOinfo.com are staying on top of the Express Card situation. They even have a page dedicated to Mac EVDO card in the Express34 format. Let’s home they’re available soon!