EVDO on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

If you’re not already familiar with EVDO, start at the EVDOinfo.com site. Basically, it’s wireless broadband just about anywhere. Many of us on the technical resources team spend so much time on the road that we need a fast, convenient, and wireless way to keep in touch. We’re all heavy Mac users, and these EVDO cards have worked very well in the PC Card slots of our PowerBooks.

I was pretty jazzed about the new MacBook Pro (the name reminds me of PhotoDeluxe) until I realized it has no PC Card slot. Instead, Apple has opted for an Express34 slot. So far, I’ve only found ten devices that support this technology and none of them are EVDO cards. I don’t wanna sound like a tech weenie, but traveling without EVDO is like using a PowerBook without Airport. Once you have it, it’s hard to imagine going back.Well, the good folks over at EVDOinfo.com are staying on top of the Express Card situation. They even have a page dedicated to Mac EVDO card in the Express34 format. Let’s home they’re available soon!

4 Responses to EVDO on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

  1. Cliff says:

    Looking at theSSP Argus 2600, PC card adapter, USBhttp://www.pcconnection.com/ProductDetail?Sku=442179Anyone know if it will work on the New PowerBookpro???Please e-mailvital333@aol.com

  2. Adam Pratt says:

    It would be interesting to know if this device works on a MacBook, but even if it does, I’m not excited about:1. Using a $228 adapter to use a $59 card. That’s 10% of the cost of the computer just to get some of the functionality that I have with my current computer.2. Another cable sticking out of my computer.3. Another clunky piece of hardware I have to travel with4. An optional power adapter that might be required to get the EVDO card to work. The reason I use my EVDO card is because I’m traveling and don’t have normal wired access to things like power and networks. It’s gonna be hard to find a power source in a cab, on a train, and in most airports.Dead end option for EVDO if you ask me. Apple should have put EVDO on the motherboard.

  3. Tremolux says:

    I’m looking at replacing the Windows notebook I use for work and was considering a MacBook Pro with the idea of running both MacOS X and Windows (and Linux and Solaris…) on one machine.However, I just bought a Kyocera EVDO modem for my existing notebook, and am not about to go out and buy a new modem, esp. since I have a contract for the wireless service.The lack of usable adapters for the MacBook is leaving me pretty steamed; I will probably just buy a Toshiba and eliminate OS X from the OS list.

  4. Adam Pratt says:

    I’m not sure who your EVDO provider is, but an ExpressCard option finally exists! Check it out at http://www.evdoinfo.com/Tips/PC_5220/MacBook_Pro_and_EVDO_20060111671/