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Creative Suite Enables the Fake iPod Movement

Have you seen the various fake iPod mockups floating around the Web lately? Stuff like this, this, and this are getting lots of attention. We’ve seen Adobe products used in lots of interesting ways for product visualization and UI design, but when it extends into the realm of Web-enabled urban legends it can be pretty entertaining. For example, there’s a brand new video [Via Gizmodo] that popped up over the weekend that supposedly shows the Adobe Creative Suite in action to create the latest fake mockups.

I’m not gonna take sides on whether the video is "real" or "fake," but it clearly shows what can be done with Adobe software in the realm of product design. Anybody else out there have experience in prototyping with Photoshop?

Unique New Input Device from Logitech

I attended a private briefing a few weeks ago to get a sneak peek at the NuLOOQ from Logitech and now it’s public information. It’s a unique new input device, but at first glance it doesn’t seem much different than the Griffin PowerMate or the ShuttleXpress from Contour Design. However, the similarities are only skin deep.

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First InCopy Book is Now Available!

It’s hard to believe, but the Adobe InCopy CS2 Book, co-authored by Adam Pratt (that’s me) and Mike Richman, is finally done and back from the presses! It’s a little over 240 pages dedicated exclusively to InCopy and the LiveEdit Workflow Plug-Ins. says the book still hasn’t been released yet, but it’s done and making it’s way through distribution channels now. If you pre-ordered the book (thank you!) it should arrive shortly. If you haven’t pre-ordered, here’s what the Table of Contents looks like:

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