First InCopy Book is Now Available!

It’s hard to believe, but the Adobe InCopy CS2 Book, co-authored by Adam Pratt (that’s me) and Mike Richman, is finally done and back from the presses! It’s a little over 240 pages dedicated exclusively to InCopy and the LiveEdit Workflow Plug-Ins. says the book still hasn’t been released yet, but it’s done and making it’s way through distribution channels now. If you pre-ordered the book (thank you!) it should arrive shortly. If you haven’t pre-ordered, here’s what the Table of Contents looks like:

Part 1: Understanding the Features1. The InCopy Interface2. Getting Started: Creating, Opening, Placing, and Importing Documents3. Editing and Formatting Text4. Text Automation5. Tracking Text Edits6. Working with Images, Tables, and Footnotes7. XMLPart 2: Understanding the Workflow8. Understanding the InCopy Workflow9. Workflow ScenariosAppendix A: InCopy Integration PartnersAppendix B: InCopy Plug-In and Scripting PartnersAppendix C: InCopy Training Providers