First InCopy Book is Now Available!

It’s hard to believe, but the Adobe InCopy CS2 Book, co-authored by Adam Pratt (that’s me) and Mike Richman, is finally done and back from the presses! It’s a little over 240 pages dedicated exclusively to InCopy and the LiveEdit Workflow Plug-Ins. says the book still hasn’t been released yet, but it’s done and making it’s way through distribution channels now. If you pre-ordered the book (thank you!) it should arrive shortly. If you haven’t pre-ordered, here’s what the Table of Contents looks like:

Part 1: Understanding the Features1. The InCopy Interface2. Getting Started: Creating, Opening, Placing, and Importing Documents3. Editing and Formatting Text4. Text Automation5. Tracking Text Edits6. Working with Images, Tables, and Footnotes7. XMLPart 2: Understanding the Workflow8. Understanding the InCopy Workflow9. Workflow ScenariosAppendix A: InCopy Integration PartnersAppendix B: InCopy Plug-In and Scripting PartnersAppendix C: InCopy Training Providers

6 Responses to First InCopy Book is Now Available!

  1. Mike Richman says:

    In reading the TOC Adam lays out you may wonder for whom the book is written. Our intention was to write this book primarily for two kinds of people.1) You, or your company, are considering implementing InCopy as part of your workflow and want some information in order to help with the evaluation. As a follow up, it will also help you to evaluate different workflow options when rolling out InCopy in concert with InDesign.2) Your company has already chosen to use InCopy and you want to know how the program and its tools work.If you fall into either of those two groups, we think the book will be helpful.

  2. Congrats! I’ve pre-ordered it from Amazon, can’t wait till it comes in. (They’re telling me an estimated delivery date of 3/20).AM

  3. Adam Pratt says:

    I think a March 20 delivery date is hand-delivery, by foot, from Malloy in Ann Arbor to Peachpit in San Francisco back to you in Chicago. I realy don’t think it should be that long! 🙂

  4. Scott Citron says:

    Mazel tov! Congratulations Adam and Mike!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Best of luck.Scott

  5. Cari Jansen says:

    pre-ordered here as well… am looking forward to receiving my copy from Amazon too :-)InCopy has a pretty low profile at present in Western Australia. Will be interesting to see if that changes in time.InDesign on the other hand is BOOOOOOMING.I’ll see what I can do 🙂 😉

  6. Adam Pratt says:

    I guess the truck finally arrived because Amazon now lists our InCopy book as shipping. We hope you enjoy it and really look forward to your feedback.