ADIM Conference Recap

It’s already over for 2005, but here’s evidence that this year’s ADIM Conference was another amazing event! You can see classroom pictures from this hands-on, four-day event and photos of the final class projects are also online. Every year there’s a new theme to the conference and this time it was a Rip-roarin’ Wild West theme, complete with cowboys, indians, and ponies!

In addition to hands-on CS2 training with top-notch presenters including Julieanne Kost, Myke Ninness, and Mordy Golding, you also wouldn’t want to miss the inimitable Russell Preston Brown! Having sponsors like Apple Computer, Canon, Logitech, and Xerox means you can also test-drive the latest and greatest hardware!

Bookmark the ADIM Conference site and maybe we’ll see you there next year for this tenth anniversary event!

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