Mousepose Enhances Presentations on a Mac

I spend a lot of time presenting/demoing/teaching/training Adobe software to our customers, and 99% of the time it’s done on a Mac. If that sounds like something you do, then you should check out the new Mousepos√© 2 from Boinx Software. Essentially, it’s a Mac-only application ($10) that allows a presenter to draw the audience’s attention to the curent cursor location. It’s a great way to locate a cursor on a large screen or focus on a complex user interface element.

I’ve been using the first version of this great little app for a while, but now with version 2 they’ve add some nice enhancements including feathered cursor highlight (user customizable, of course), animated highlight (subtle, not obnoxious), and “visible” clicks (just try it).

Bonus Tip: Set the cursor opacity to zero percent and enable the mouse clicks option. Now when you invoke Mousepose you won’t see the cursor highlight but you’ll see concentric circles (in the color of your choice) to indicate the number of clicks.

It’s really a great teaching/training tool. All you ACE trainers out there are gonna love this!

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