Pasting from Illustrator into InDesign

500 separate paths or shapes is the maximum allowed when copying and pasting editable paths from Illustrator into InDesign. If a set of paths is too complex, ID will place the paths as an embedded EPS rather than editable vectors. When using Illustrator’s Live Trace feature, pay attention to the number of paths listed in the lower right just below the Preview button (number of anchor points is irrelevant…ID isn’t looking at those). 501 or higher will get embedded as an EPS. When you plan to copy and paste into ID, 500 is the magic number.

Thanks to Tim Cole for this tip.

5 Responses to Pasting from Illustrator into InDesign

  1. Nice to know the upper limits of software. BTW, without going to Live Trace, if you want to know how many paths you have selected at any time, choose Window > Document Info and in the flyout menu, make sure “Selection Only” and “Objects” are checked. Then, the palette will display how many paths you have selected at any time.

  2. A. Nonnymouse says:

    Actually, I want to comment on your Ugly Mug August posting, but Comment not available.What a great tip!!! though, I’m sure La Grillo does not really need to use it herself…

  3. Lynn Grillo says:

    Hey there A. Nonnymouse (love it!). I fixed the no comments problem in the Ugly Mug post. Thought you might like to know. 🙂

  4. Joshua Jones says:

    Great! I was trying to do it, but have not mentioned the magic number 🙂 So is it impossible to paste if I have more than 500 paths?