Strokes on text converted to outlines in InDesign

Q: If text is stroked and then converted to outlines in InDesign CS the stroke just pushes too much into the text. Is there a way to avoid this?

A: When text is still text, ID is designed to draw the stroke on the outside of the path IF the text has a fill color applied. If you assign a fill color of none, then the stroke will draw centered on the path, just like any ID frame. When you convert the text to outlines, it’s now a frame, and so the stroke draws centered on the frame path. You can make the stroke draw outside the path (or inside the path) using the stroke alignment buttons on the stroke palette. Then it will look like stroked live text with a fill color.

Thank to Tim Cole for this info.

2 Responses to Strokes on text converted to outlines in InDesign

  1. Jesse Janowiak says:

    This is a useful tip, but beware! Some fonts exhibit strange behavior after you convert them to outlines, leading to strange intersections on the stroke, or the stroke being inside the letter in some places and outside in others.My extremely dirty solution to this problem is to create a clone of my text and apply fill only to the top version and stroke only to the bottom version. Then I can expand my stroke as much as I want and it will never extend into the fill. This also works for Illustrator, where there is no stroke alignment option.

  2. Lynn Grillo says:

    Hi Jesse. Thanks for the tip. I thought I’d let you know that Illustrator CS2 has stroke alignment. It’s especially cool when used in combination with the Appearance palette where you can assign multiple strokes to an object and set each stroke’s alignements individually.