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Breeze Tip #1 – Hide Your Ugly Face

It could be that you don’t have your web-cam on hand, or maybe last night was just rough enough that this morning you don’t want to broadcast your face to the world. Whatever the reason, there are times when you want to use Voice over IP (VOIP) in your Breeze meeting, but not the camera portion of the Camera and Voice pod. At the same time, you’d rather have a photo of yourself in the room to give the place a more personable feel instead of the generic icon shown in the AV pod when video is not being used.

Here’s a trick that’ll get you what you want…

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FontAgent Pro Supports Auto-Activation for InCopy CS2

There have been a variety of workarounds until now, but our friends at Insider Software have released a new auto-activation plug-in for InCopy CS2 with the release of FontAgent Pro 3.3. This means writers and editors using InCopy can now enjoy the blissful ease of auto-activation just like their InDesign-using co-workers. FontAgent Pro is a Mac-only solution, but I’m pretty sure it’s the only font management solution that offers auto-activation for InCopy users.

After you install the software look for the disc image called “FontAgent Pro Plug Ins.dmg” in the FontAgent Pro application folder. That disk image includes all the auto-activation plug-ins and easy-to-read instructions. Enjoy!

Another Free Excerpt from “The Adobe InCopy CS2 Book”

The Adobe Design Center has doled out another free excerpt from our book “The Adobe InCopy CS2 Book.”

This sample is admittedly pretty similar to the first excerpt, but it covers “Working with .rtf and .txt files in Adobe InCopy CS2.” We hope you appreciate the material and there’s more where this came from throughout the rest of the book. Enjoy!

Don’t Lose More than a Minute of Work

Have you ever taken advantage of the Automatic Recovery feature in InDesign? If you’re especially lucky you’ve never had a corrupt font, bad RAM, application crashes, or a power outage. For the rest of us, the Automatic Recovery feature can save a lot of grief and hassle.

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