Breeze Tip #1 – Hide Your Ugly Face

It could be that you don’t have your web-cam on hand, or maybe last night was just rough enough that this morning you don’t want to broadcast your face to the world. Whatever the reason, there are times when you want to use Voice over IP (VOIP) in your Breeze meeting, but not the camera portion of the Camera and Voice pod. At the same time, you’d rather have a photo of yourself in the room to give the place a more personable feel instead of the generic icon shown in the AV pod when video is not being used.

Here’s a trick that’ll get you what you want…

1. Plug in your microphone and go to the Camera and Voice pod in your Breeze Meeting (figure 1).

Camera and Vido Pod

2. If the mic and camera are in one unit, you can turn off the camera portion in the pod options (figure 2). Click the lock button to the right of the Talk button in the Camera and Voice pod. This locks your microphone in the ON position. (Watch what you say from this point forward…)

Turn the camera off.

3. Choose Share > New Blank Share Pod from the Pods menu.

4. Resize the new Share pod so that it is the same dimensions as the Camera and Voice pod.

5. In the new Share pod, choose Share > Documents, and select the photo of yourself that you want to load. This can be selected from your local desktop or from content you have previously uploaded to the Breeze server. The picture loads into the pod (figure 3).

Put your photo into a Share Pod.

6. Move the Share pod with your photo in it on top of the Camera and Voice pod (figure 4).

Align the Share Pod on top of the Camera and Voice Pod.

7. To turn your microphone off you’ll need to nudge the Share pod out of the way a bit, or even situate it so that the bottom of the Camera and Voice pod hangs out below the bottom of the Share pod (figure 5).

Nudge the Share Pod to turn on and off the microphone in the Camera and Voice Pod.

With this little trick, you’ll never have to worry about showing your ugly mug again!

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