Don’t Lose More than a Minute of Work

Have you ever taken advantage of the Automatic Recovery feature in InDesign? If you’re especially lucky you’ve never had a corrupt font, bad RAM, application crashes, or a power outage. For the rest of us, the Automatic Recovery feature can save a lot of grief and hassle.

Essentially, InDesign is frequently making little mini-saves that record recent changes to your InDesign layout so that if your system crashes or the power goes out you don’t lose all your work. I show this from time to time by force-quitting the application on purpose just so folks can see it for themselves. No smoke and mirrors.But I always wondered, “How does it know what to save? How often is it saving?” I just stumbled upon this great tech note that explains all the details. Basically, InDesign performs a mini-save one per minute. The best part of this feature is that there’s nothing to turn on or learn. If and when it has to kick in, it just works.[Updated January 14, 2008 with updated URL for tech note. -AP]