InCopy ACE Exam Now Available

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally posted an InCopy ACE Exam. Now all of the InCopy trainers and consultants out there can get certified and “prove” your proficiency. I realize you’ve been getting along just fine without the exam, but at the same time we all know some clients want a bit of reassurance the first time they hire you. Now how do you go about adding this cool new badge to your Adobe Scout uniform?

  1. Normally, you’d see the exam listed on, but the page hasn’t been updated yet.
  2. To be an InCopy CS2 Certified Expert you also need to be an InDesign CS2 Certified Expert. You should be able to take the two exams in any order you like, but if you’re still reading this post, you probably already have your InDesign CS2 ACE.
  3. Go directly to and take the exam online.

The exam costs $50US and you have a whole two hours to take it. There are only about 40 questions, so I doubt you’ll need all that time. The cut score (ACE exams are multiple-choice, pass/fail) is 73%, so study up and let us know who it goes!

4 Responses to InCopy ACE Exam Now Available

  1. What is the keycode to type in for the InCopy test?Thanks,Mike

  2. Adam Pratt says:

    The InCopy Exam is a public exam, so there’s no need for a keycode. Just choose Public Tests and select the InCopy exam from the list. The exam code is 9A0-051 but you don’t need it.

  3. Carla says:

    IS there an exam guide available

  4. Adam Pratt says:

    The complete list of Exam Guides is available online at and the direct link to the InCopy CS2 Exam guide is (164kb PDF). Happy testing!