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A new way to pick colors :: Kuler

I live in the Pacific Northwest (sometimes called the Northwet), most of the colors I see up here tend toward the gray, green, and occasional blue; but mostly it’s gray. We tend to get excited when we see new colors and have a hard time selecting good combinations when working colors outside our occluded gamut. Or at least that’s my excuse. Now there’s hope for the likes of me.

Adobe released a new online tool called Kuler today. It’s a rich internet application (RIA) that provides tools to help create color palettes and a community to share your creations with. You can tag your creations, share them, search by keyword tags and download any palette as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for use in your CS2 applications. is part of Adobe Labs, so input and comments are part of the process. Use your Adobe ID or get one there, and you’ll need the newest Flash Player to explore.

Give it a whirl. It’s a blast!

InDesign Does Multiple Page Sizes

Thanks to our great partners over at DTP Tools, InDesign can now be used to create multiple page sizes in a single InDesign document with their new PageControl plug-in. Now there have always been workarounds such as cobbling together multiple files in the Book palette or using various page arrangement tricks, but this new plug-in makes it much simpler.

The plug-in has been in the beta stage for about a month, but it was finally released yesterday and it’s lookin’ great. Perhaps the best part about the plug-in is that it doesn’t create any new palettes or menus. Instead, it integrates with the existing Pages palette in InDesign and let’s you create and manage multiple page sizes, multiple master pages, and so on.

I have to admit that this isn’t a feature I’ve yearned for, but I’ve met enough folks who are gonna be thrilled with this announcement. The only “catch” with this plug-in is that anybody attempting to open these “modified” InDesign documents must have the free reader plug-in installed. The reader plug-in is in fact free, but we all know it will still trip up a few folks. In that case, you can export your InDesign layouts with multiple page sizes directly to PDF and the results are fantastic.

Can I just make one suggestion? No matter how you deliver your InDesign files to your printer, will you promise me that you’ll call your printer and give them a heads-up first? Talk about a curve ball! 🙂

Set Sail for the ADIM Conference

Ahoy there, mateys! The tenth annual Art Directors Invitational Master (ADIM) Class is ready to set sail. The new Web site launched today with full conference details and registration information. This year’s event is slathered in a heavy coat of pirate theme and will be held at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA from April 25-28, 2007.

You’ll have so much fun at this unique conference that you won’t even realize how much you’re learning about the latest Adobe software applications. Did I mention that your registration fee includes a copy of Creative Suite 3.0 Premium? Yes, 3.0. It’s not a typo!