A new way to pick colors :: Kuler

I live in the Pacific Northwest (sometimes called the Northwet), most of the colors I see up here tend toward the gray, green, and occasional blue; but mostly it’s gray. We tend to get excited when we see new colors and have a hard time selecting good combinations when working colors outside our occluded gamut. Or at least that’s my excuse. Now there’s hope for the likes of me.

Adobe released a new online tool called Kuler today. It’s a rich internet application (RIA) that provides tools to help create color palettes and a community to share your creations with. You can tag your creations, share them, search by keyword tags and download any palette as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for use in your CS2 applications. http://kuler.adobe.com is part of Adobe Labs, so input and comments are part of the process. Use your Adobe ID or get one there, and you’ll need the newest Flash Player to explore.

Give it a whirl. It’s a blast!

One Response to A new way to pick colors :: Kuler

  1. That is soooo kul that my graphic design students have immediately started using it in their projects. Great application!