InDesign Does Multiple Page Sizes

Thanks to our great partners over at DTP Tools, InDesign can now be used to create multiple page sizes in a single InDesign document with their new PageControl plug-in. Now there have always been workarounds such as cobbling together multiple files in the Book palette or using various page arrangement tricks, but this new plug-in makes it much simpler.

The plug-in has been in the beta stage for about a month, but it was finally released yesterday and it’s lookin’ great. Perhaps the best part about the plug-in is that it doesn’t create any new palettes or menus. Instead, it integrates with the existing Pages palette in InDesign and let’s you create and manage multiple page sizes, multiple master pages, and so on.

I have to admit that this isn’t a feature I’ve yearned for, but I’ve met enough folks who are gonna be thrilled with this announcement. The only “catch” with this plug-in is that anybody attempting to open these “modified” InDesign documents must have the free reader plug-in installed. The reader plug-in is in fact free, but we all know it will still trip up a few folks. In that case, you can export your InDesign layouts with multiple page sizes directly to PDF and the results are fantastic.

Can I just make one suggestion? No matter how you deliver your InDesign files to your printer, will you promise me that you’ll call your printer and give them a heads-up first? Talk about a curve ball! 🙂

2 Responses to InDesign Does Multiple Page Sizes

  1. Cari Jansen says:

    I didn’t feel it was something required either. But you’re right… there is a demand, and solution was delivered…Personally, I prefer to use separate InDesign documents and if needed repaginate/PDF using Book feature, which supports combining documents with different page sizes. That works well, and doesn’t require an additional reader 😉

  2. Alex says:

    I don’t know where you folks work but remember InDesign is a DTP tool and there are plenty, I mean PLENTY! prints that require different page sizes: tri- and more fold leaflets, book covers, flaps, folders… I am amazed this simple feature takes Adobe so flipping long to implement… Frustrating? Yes.[Please know that it’s not a lack of imagination, but a question of priorities. Even at a large company like Adobe we have a limited number of engineers with a limited amount of time. We can’t always do everything we dream of, but we’re grateful for awesome partners who can develop wonderful solutions like Page Control! -A]