TypeFitter Plug-in for InCopy Now Free

If you’re not familiar with Teacup Software, they put out some great plug-ins for InDesign and they also do custom plug-in development. Among their various plug-ins is a sweet little gem called TypeFitter which makes it easy to tweak word spacing, letter spacing, and glyph spacing to stretch or shrink a story to fit. I’m sure there are purists who will say we shouldn’t be doing this, but why not accept the reality AND make it easier?

The plug-in isn’t new, but what is new is that the fine folks at Teacup are now giving away the InCopy version for free! It supports the Mac and Windows versions of CS1 and CS2. If you want the plug-in for InDesign it’ll cost you $59US, and I’d say it’s worth the price if only for it’s ability to instantly find all widows and overset text!

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