Migrating Acrobat 8 Tracked Reviews

I don’t know how common this is, but a customer recently asked me how to migrate a tracked PDF review in Acrobat from one computer to another. Scenarios include upgrading from Acrobat 7 to Acrobat 8, upgrading to a new computer, or tracking reviews from a laptop if you travel. If this sounds interesting, here’s the solution:

  1. Copy the file "Workflows" from this location on the old Mac HD/users/username/Library/Preferences/Acrobat/(version number)/Collab/Workflows to the same location on the new machine. The file path on Windows should be similar under the "Documents and Settings" folder.
  2. Relaunch Acrobat.
  3. Now copy the tracked PDFs from the old machine to the new machine. If the PDFs have the exact same file path on the new machine as they did on the old machine, then you’re done. If they don’t have the same file path, then just click their filename in the Tracker window and Acrobat will prompt you to tell it the new file path.

That should take care of it!

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