FrameMaker to InDesign Conversion Plug-In

The new FrameMaker-to-InDesign conversion filter from DTP Tools has been in beta for a while, and the shipping version is finally here! The product details page does a great job enumerating the conversion options, and it’s worth a look to see just how comprehensive this plug-in is.

The filter is even capable of converting text variables, complex tables, and numbered lists. If you also use their Cross-References plug-in for InDesign then cross-references from FrameMaker are also converted.

Just last week I met with a customer who is interested in converting some existing documents from FrameMaker to InDesign and this new plug-in should help a lot if that’s the direction you’re headed. Possibly the most interesting this about this plug-in is the pricing model. Instead of paying a specific license fee, yo only pay for how much you use and only when you’re satisfied with the conversion results. That’s right, you can download and use the plug-in for free and test the conversion results for yourself. When you’re happy with the results you can purchase usage credits and save the new InDesign files!

3 Responses to FrameMaker to InDesign Conversion Plug-In

  1. Adobe should provide the conversion tool from FrameMaker to ID as both are Abobe products and you have abandoned the Mac FrameMaker users. It is outrageous to pay PER PAGE to a third-party provider to attempt to workaround the abject failings of Adobe to reciprocate the loyalty of its customers.

  2. Thomas Hart says:

    I have to agree with the other commenter. I used FrameMaker on the Mac at home for years, I even wrote my doctoral dissertation with it, and now that I’m using an Intel Mac I can’t run it. I’ve looked at version 9 for Windows under VMWare Fusion but why would I want to use a Fiat when I’ve got a Ferrari?Now that Mac OS X is gaining in market share, isn’t it about time to bring FrameMaker back to the Mac?

  3. Joshua Margolin says:

    I agree with the two other people that are outraged with this. I started using Framemker before it was even called that, when it still belonged to the original developers from Germany. Now after so many years of using it, the Mac version is long gone and I have to consider other options for updating a 500 pages manual which I originally developed on FrameMaker Mac. If I wanted to consider InDesign now that I see that I have to pay for the conversion I am more reluctant.

    Bring back FrameMaker Mac