New InDesign Podcast Resource

Last fall, I contributed to an interesting new book called Instant InDesign by Gabriel Powell. I guess I have a soft spot for “niche” books that I believe more people should read (GoLive, InCopy, etc.). Anyway, this book is unique in that it focuses on how to use InDesign to build really awesome templates that take a bit more time up front but will save you a TON of time in the long term.

If you’re interested in saving time and working more efficiently with InDesign you really should check it out. And now there’s even more incentive with Gabriel’s new podcasts at The book and the podcasts make a great combination!

2 Responses to New InDesign Podcast Resource

  1. Mike Perry says:

    Is it a podcast? I couldn’t find a subscription link on Powell’s website and iTunes doesn’t list it as a podcast it knows about.Podcasts give you the ability to subscribe. No subscription, no podcast. Good as the videos may be, at present his just seem to be videos posted on his web site and viewable on through a browser.Thanks for the heads up on the book. It looks like one I need to put on my ‘must buy’ list. Well-done templates could save me a lot of time.[Sorry I didn’t use a strict definition of the word “podcast,” but I hope you and others still find the resources helpful! -A]

  2. Gabriel Powell says:

    The Instant InDesign Video Podcast is now official. You can now subscribe via iTunes.[Excellent, thanks Gabriel! -A]