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Customized InDesign CS3 Contact Sheets

The other week a customer who builds their Sunday newspaper advertising insert with InDesign asked me if they could use use the Contact Sheet Script to make an InDesign contact sheet out of individual INDD files. I thought it was a great idea, and didn’t see why it shouldn’t be possible, considering that IDCS3 can now place INDD files.

I tried the script on it’s own, but it doesn’t recognize INDD files without a bit of tweaking. Here’s the solution:

  1. Locate the file called “WasScriptLibrary.jsx” on your hard drive and open it with the ExtendScript Toolkit application or your favorite script editor.
  2. Locate this string in line 755:

    WasLib.fileFilters.putValue( “Contact Sheet”,”PNG,JPG,JPEG,TIF,TIFF,GIF,AI,PSD,PDF,EPS,EPSF” );

  3. Change the string to:

    WasLib.fileFilters.putValue( “Contact Sheet”,”PNG,JPG,JPEG,TIF,TIFF,GIF,AI,PSD,PDF,EPS,EPSF,INDD” );

This allows INDD files to be included in InDesign contact sheets. Note that it places different file sizes at the same dimensions and always places the first page of the INDD file. Hope that helps!