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InDesign to ePub, Kindle, and iPhone session at MAX

Wednesday afternoon I’ll be delivering a session at Adobe MAX 2009 about using InDesign to layout and design ebooks. The session will cover some ebook basics including readers and then will cover how to use InDesign to effectively layout and style a document for both print output and reflowing design for ebooks. Then I’ll cover how to use the file for a number of hardware and software readers and finally converting for use on the Amazon Kindle.

The overall workflow hinges on a strong use of styles to create structured flow of text through your document. When working with graphics in a layout this means converting them to inline or anchored objects so that they’re part of the flow of your story. This is the important technique when designing for ebook output. Once I get an export to Digital Editions (ePub format) I can convert the file pretty easily into a number of formats including mobi-and this is what works on Kindle.

The “slides” for the session were built using InDesign then exported to epub for use in Digital Editions or on many Sony eReaders; then the epub was converted to mobi for use on Kindle. You’ll find links below for downloading these files for reference or experimentation. There are a number of links inside the files to additional resources from many resources, they’re well worth taking a look at.

I’m told my session will be recorded and the recording will be available for viewing soon.

Hope this is of interest.


CS3: Creative License Conferences Across North America

Now that CS3 has been publicly announced, we’re getting our engines revved up to hit the road and sweep North America with several one- and two-day conferences. Whether you work in print, web, video, motion graphics, or mobile, there will be something for you. Come see all the components of the new Suites, including Design, Web, and Video Production. Dates range from May 16 to June 26, so check out the details and register.

Two-day Conference Cities
One-day Conference Cities

A new way to pick colors :: Kuler

I live in the Pacific Northwest (sometimes called the Northwet), most of the colors I see up here tend toward the gray, green, and occasional blue; but mostly it’s gray. We tend to get excited when we see new colors and have a hard time selecting good combinations when working colors outside our occluded gamut. Or at least that’s my excuse. Now there’s hope for the likes of me.

Adobe released a new online tool called Kuler today. It’s a rich internet application (RIA) that provides tools to help create color palettes and a community to share your creations with. You can tag your creations, share them, search by keyword tags and download any palette as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file for use in your CS2 applications. is part of Adobe Labs, so input and comments are part of the process. Use your Adobe ID or get one there, and you’ll need the newest Flash Player to explore.

Give it a whirl. It’s a blast!

Creative Suite Enables the Fake iPod Movement

Have you seen the various fake iPod mockups floating around the Web lately? Stuff like this, this, and this are getting lots of attention. We’ve seen Adobe products used in lots of interesting ways for product visualization and UI design, but when it extends into the realm of Web-enabled urban legends it can be pretty entertaining. For example, there’s a brand new video [Via Gizmodo] that popped up over the weekend that supposedly shows the Adobe Creative Suite in action to create the latest fake mockups.

I’m not gonna take sides on whether the video is "real" or "fake," but it clearly shows what can be done with Adobe software in the realm of product design. Anybody else out there have experience in prototyping with Photoshop?