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Where to go for more security information?

To address the most popular frequently asked question, “Where do I find out more about security?”, here are some links you should know:

* Overview of Adobe information security solutions
Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server
Adobe LiveCycle Document Security Server
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Reader
Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions

* Technical information on
Acrobat and PDF Security
LiveCycle Policy Server
LiveCycle Document Security Server
LiveCycle Reader Extensions

* Adobe’s security partner ecosystem

* Adobe product security advisories

* Report security vulnerabilities or incidents in Adobe products or services

* Submit a privacy complaint

* Report suspected software pirates

* Enterprise Developer Program for evaluation of Livecycle software

* RSS feed for this blog
* ATOM feed for this blog

Acquired Rights Management for Office and CAD

I am pleased to announce that Adobe has acquired the FileLine Digital Rights Management (DRM) division of Navisware. The acquisition will extend the capabilities of Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server, providing protection for native Microsoft Office and CAD documents.

Acquiring FileLine will allow Adobe to protect the entire information lifecycle — from creation in native file formats through distribution and collaboration to archival and destruction. As a result, organizations can:
*Ensure the reliability of their electronic information
*Enhance the protection of intellectual property and sensitive information
*Safeguard the privacy of customers
*Comply with regulations governing electronic information

The FileLine DRM capabilities are anticipated to be integrated into LiveCycle Policy Server for release in Fall 2006. This release will enable organizations to secure a broad range of documents such as financial, government and engineering documents, and will support auditing, expiration, revocation and version control of these documents, features currently available for PDF files only.

Hello and Welcome…

In today’s world, security matters more than ever and this blog is dedicated to various security matters relevant to Adobe. Your host is John Landwehr, Director of Security Solutions and Strategy. John’s team oversees the company’s information assurance solutions and partnerships for securing the information lifecycle with persistent content-level confidentiality, privacy, authenticity, rights management and reliability. John has presented testimony to the United States Congress on electronic commerce and security issues, is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), a board member of the San Francisco Bay Area Members Alliance local FBI InfraGard chapter and the Electronic Authentication Partnership, and a graduate of Northwestern University.

This blog will generally discuss topics such as enterprise rights management, digital signatures, public key infrastructure (PKI), and identity management, in addition to Adobe’s security products, features, and relationships in the information security ecosystem.