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Gartner Report on Adobe E-DRM

Gartner recently published a research note titled, “Navisware E-DRM Buy Could Give Adobe a One-Stop-Shopping Solution”. It is available for purchase directly from Gartner, here.

With the acquisition of the FileLine Digital Rights Management division of Navisware, Adobe expands comprehensive enterprise digital rights management functionality beyond its Portable Document Format and into enterprise workflow applications.

Saving Lives with PKI and SAFE Digital Signatures

At last week’s RSA Security Conference, Adobe participated in a panel discussion (click here for presentations) on how the BioPharma industry is using digital signatures in PDF to bring life saving drugs to market faster, cheaper, and more securely. The panel was moderated by Richard Guida from Johnson & Johnson, and also included Guy Talent from GST Advisors, Matthew Tuttle from Cybertrust, and John Landwehr from Adobe.

The panel discussed how the highly competitive BioPharma industry joined forces to create SAFE – Signature and Authentication For Everyone – a user identity standard and network for healthcare. This global standard enables more trusted, secure and legally enforceable paperless healthcare transactions. SAFE provides a common credential for access control to internal and business partner systems, replacing hand-written paper signatures with digital signautres in PDF documents.

This initiative was created because approximately 40% of all R&D costs are due to paper based business processes – totalling $9 billion in the US drug market alone. Instead of driving up to the FDA’s doorstep with a semi-tractor trailor filled with millions of pages of paper, new drug submissions can be sent electronically. This allows submissions to be completed and approved faster, bringing new life saving drugs to market faster. By creating, moving, and storing less paper – this process is expected to save more than $350M per year in the biopharma industry, which should help keep everyone’s healthcare costs down.

An electronic document alone was not sufficient without providing security measures to track authenticity and integrity of the electronic information. Digital signatures are used so these electronic documents are cryptographically signed from investigators, to clinical research organizations, to sponsors, and ultimately to the FDA – to significantly improve the security of these documents as they move from organization to organization.

Adobe has joined the SAFE vendor partner program so the ubiquitous free Adobe Reader as well as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle Solutions can be used for exchanging electronic healthcare informaiton. Click here for more information.

nCipher Document Security Appliance

nCipher announced today their new document security appliance containing Adobe LiveCycle Document Security for central signing, time stamping and encryption of PDF documents.
Bringing together technology components from Adobe, Geotrust and nCipher, the appliance significantly simplifies the roll-out of strong document security allowing any recipient to receive added assurances of a document’s authenticity and integrity simply using the free Adobe Reader.
Here is a datasheet on the appliance and here is more information on GeoTrust TrueCredentials

Adobe Security Solutions at RSA 2006

This week we’ll be in booth #1323 at the 15th annual RSA Security Conference demonstrating our information assurance solutions that enable enterprise rights management and digital signatures. These solutions work in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat 7, the widely distributed Adobe Reader 7, and soon Microsoft Office to help ensure the reliability of electronic information, enhance the protection of intellectual property, safeguard the privacy of customers, and comply with regulations governing electronic information.

Adobe will host several focused educational sessions on relevant topics in the security arena, including document encryption, high assurance digital signatures and digital rights management beyond the firewall, the use of information classification strategies to help protect intellectual property, as well as a panel discussion on the BioPharma industry’s SAFE PKI effort to create a single electronic signature standard based on public key infrastructure (PKI).

In addition, several partners appearing in Adobe’s theater presentations will highlight new solutions and strategies for securing information throught its lifecycle, including ActivIdentity, Arcot, Entrust, GeoTrust, RSA and SafeNet.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006 (3:25 – 4:25 PM): Encryption and Rights Management Services for Enterprise Document Security with Adobe’s Gary Gilchrist and Bill Shapiro.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006 (4:50 – 6:00 PM): How the BioPharma Industry is Creating SAFE Digital Signatures with Adobe’s John Landwehr, Johnson & Johnson’s Richard Guida, GST Advisors’ Guy Tallent, and Cybertrust’s Matthew Tuttle.

Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006 (3:25 – 4:25 PM): Managing Business Risk via Information Classification with Gartner’s Paul Proctor, Adobe’s John Landwehr, and Lexmark International’s Sam Moore.