Active Directory SSO Support from Quest Software

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Adobe offers Active Directory Single Sign On in LiveCycle Policy Server, including support for smartcard authentication.

As announced by Quest Software, Adobe utilizes Quest’s Vintela Single Sign-on for Java to provide native authentication of Java and J2EE applications and services with Active Directory.

This technology is currently shipping in Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server providing users with cross-platform access to Active Directory and single-sign-on. When a user is logged into their Windows desktop, they do not need to log in again to view a Policy Server protected document. The kerberos authentication information from the operating system is passed through Adobe’s desktop applications (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and other native Rights Management plug-ins) to the Policy Server. If the user logged in using a smartcard to authenticate to their desktop, that credential can also used by Policy Server as a single sign on token.

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Posted on 04-10-2006