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Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server wins Product Innovation Award

Adobe Systems has just received an award for Policy Server from Frost & Sullivan.

In recognition of Adobe’s ability to meet the demands of a very dynamic market with a product that provides the company with a competitive advantage while providing customers with a unique interoperable solution, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present Adobe Systems with the 2006 Product Differentiation Award for the world digital rights management market.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year is presented each year to the company that has best demonstrated the ability to develop and/or advance products with more innovative capabilities than competing vendors and products. This Award recognizes the company’s successful adoption of new or existing technology that has become a part of its well-designed product family. Such innovation is expected to significantly contribute to the industry in terms of product performance and degree/rate of technical change.

The press release announcement is available here.

Policy Server Hosted Service – Now Available in Beta.

For a limited time, paid subscribers of the Create Adobe PDF Online service have access to a beta preview of Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server running as a hosted service for enterprise rights management on PDF files.

Create Adobe PDF Online is an existing production service from Adobe Systems that converts many popular file formats into the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) without installing additional desktop software. Subscribers can use their web browser to upload a native file for conversion or configure a Windows network printer driver to convert directly within native desktop applications. This subscription service is available in the U.S. and Canada for US$9.99/month or US$99.99/year.

Paid subscribers can experience the new hosted Policy Server Beta to restrict who can open their published PDF documents and what those authorized recipients can do with those documents – using only email addresses and the free cross-platform Adobe Reader 7.0. Both the subscribing author as well as all invited document recipients simply register their email address as an Adobe ID to receive the benefits of persistent confidentiality and privacy for their documents.

In the protected document’s usage policy, the subscribing author can specify authorized recipients by their registered email address and restrict printing, copy/paste, and offline access. The policy can optionally specify an expiration date for a document as either fixed (e.g. December 31, 2006) or relative (e.g. 30 days from publishing) after which the document is restricted from opening. Because the policies are dynamically maintained for a document, recipients and permissions can be changed by the author after the document is published. This also allows the author to immediately revoke a document they previously published, no matter how many copies where made or where they are stored. This is a convenient way to provide persistent version control of documents independent of storage and transport mechanisms.

To protect a document, authors can easily upload a PDF into the service using their web browser. While not required, authors with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later can more easily protect documents using the Secure application toolbar button in their Acrobat desktop application, customized to display policies from the hosted service account.

Here are some demonstration documents authorized for Adobe ID subscribers:
APS_Beta_Demo.pdf – with a protected FAQ describing the expansion of Policy Server to native Office and CAD formats

APS_Beta_Expired.pdf – sample document that has expired

APS_Beta_Revoked.pdf – sample document that was immediately revoked

To view these sample protected documents, you must have a registered AdobeID. A paid subscription is not required.

To create protected documents in this beta service, you must have a Create PDF Online paid subscription, as trial accounts are not eligible. For more information, here is the FAQ.

Announcing Ricoh MFP support for Policy Server

Today at the AIIM/ON DEMAND Conference, Ricoh and Adobe announced an agreement to develop and co-market document scanning, printing and security solutions. The integration of Adobe’s Policy Server enterprise rights management software and Adobe print + scan technologies with Ricoh multifunction (MFP) devices transforms the way knowledge workers convert paper processes into more secure digital workflows. Paper can be easily scanned and encrypted into PDF to control who has subsequent electronic access and usage permissions.

“We are natural partners in that Ricoh has long provided world class digital products and solutions, and Adobe is the standard in document software,” said Katsumi Yoshida, Corporate Executive Vice President, Ricoh. “We look forward to developing together new document solutions that truly bridge the paper and digital worlds. Our Fortune Global 500 customers demand the most advanced solutions and we will deliver.”