New Hosted Service Now Available for Rights Management

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Adobe Systems has introduced a new hosted service that enables knowledge workers to better protect, share and track the usage of Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office documents using rights management powered by LiveCycle Policy Server.

Adobe Document Center is designed for the professional who shares or publishes business-, time- or version-sensitive documents. Whether it’s an independent graphics designer submitting designs for client review, or a legal practice exchanging sensitive files with clients, users can customize access settings, closely audit usage of their documents, and retain control over the files regardless of where they travel. Users also have the ability to set expiration dates on documents, supersede an older version once a new version is distributed, and revoke access after distribution. They even have the ability to track who has received the documents and what recipients have done, or attempted to do, with the protected files.

When using Acrobat 8 or LiveCycle Policy Server for Office, authentication, authorization, and auditing are managed via a webservice from those software clients to Adobe’s hosted service, so a document does not need to be uploaded to the service to be protected. In that case, the hosted service datacenter never sees or stores unprotected customer documents – for added security. Recipients of protected PDF documents only need the Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher. Recipients of protected Office documents only need the Office plug-ins.

Authentication of authors and recipients using the Adobe Document Center is handled by the Adobe ID. This email address and user-specified password credential is common across Adobe’s web-based properties for the online store, support, developer programs, and other Adobe hosted services. For an author that wants to share a protected document, they simply need to provide the recipient’s email address. If the recipient already has an activated Adobe ID for the Document Center, they simply enter their ID when opening the document. Otherwise, the recipient is provided with instructions on how to activate their email address as an Adobe ID to open the protected document.

A free trial of Adobe Document Center is available until December 31, 2006. For more information, visit

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Posted on 11-21-2006