Adobe Digital Signature Solutions Certified by SAFE-BioPharma Association

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Adobe Systems today announced that SAFE(Signatures and Authentication for Everyone)-BioPharma Association has certified Adobe Acrobat software, Adobe Reader with Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions and Adobe LiveCycle Document Security software for compliance the with the SAFE digital signature standard. These are the first software products ever certified by SAFE, a non-profit association that manages digital identity and signature standards for pharmaceutical industries.

With today’s announcement, legally binding digital signatures are more readily available to biopharmaceutical professionals who need help eliminating the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of paper-based processes while improving end-to-end electronic document workflows. By using the Adobe products certified by SAFE, biopharmaceutical organizations, clinical investigators and regulators can collaborate more securely and efficiently to better service patients, conduct pharmaceutical research, and help bring new drugs to market more quickly.

SAFE-BioPharma Association is a non-profit association that manages the SAFE digital identity and signature standard for the pharmaceutical industries. The SAFE standard provides a secure, legally enforceable, and regulatory compliant way to provide identity verification, non repudiation, and content integrity for electronically signed documents. To become certified by SAFE, products and solutions must successfully pass product certification testing by an independent laboratory accredited by SAFE-BioPharma Association.

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Posted on 02-06-2007