Adobe Unveils LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

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Adobe Systems today introduced Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES), an integrated family of software for more securely automating processes that help businesses and governments engage with customers, citizens, employees, partners, and suppliers.

With LiveCycle ES, organizations can deliver applications that are easier to interact with. This enables companies to better communicate with people who may be frustrated with, or confused by on-line procedures, and are likely to abandon transactions, resorting to higher cost avenues such as in-person visits or phone assistance. By transforming processes such as account enrollment, claims processing or guided self service into engaging applications, businesses and governments can improve customer service, decrease costly cycle times, and manage information faster, more accurately, and more securely.

LiveCycle ES includes scalable solution components to build, manage and optimize business critical processes. Information assurance capabilities are provided by LiveCycle Rights Management ES and LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES.

Click below for more information on:
* New features in LiveCycle Rights Management ES
* New features in LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES
* Adobe LiveCycle ES Platform Support

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Posted on 06-03-2007