Arcot Announces Two Factor Authentication in Flash Player and Apollo/AIR

Arcot, a member of Adobe’s security partner community, just announced their Flash-based two-factor browser authentication solution as well as support of Adobe Integrated Runtime (which was also announced today as available in beta, and formerly codenamed Apollo). Arcot’s “software smartcard” solution provides greatly improved simplicity and security for consumer logins to online applications.

Usernames and passwords alone have reached the end of their useful life for protecting valuable online transactions because they are often reused by consumers across sites, easily guessed, and subject to phishing. While today’s web browsers provide PKI authentication using SSLv3 client authentication, there is not a consistent or friendly user experience across browsers and operating systems to provision and utilize the necessary PKI credential. That’s why you often hear PKI = Painful Key Infrastructure instead of Public Key Infrastructure.

Arcot has developed a seamless provisioning and utilization of PKI credentials in the form of an ArcotID. While the user logs in with their existing username/password, a SWF in the browser is providing PKI authentication behind the scenes using a locally stored credential in the form of an ArcotID.

ArcotID Flash client is part of WebFort, Arcot’s two-factor authentication system for large enterprises in financial services, healthcare and other industries facing increasing regulatory pressure to protect and verify end-users’ identities such as those from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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