PTC and Adobe Expand Relationship to Offer Enhanced IP Protection

PTC and Adobe Systems today announced an agreement for integrating Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES with PTC Pro/ENGINEER. Together, Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES and Pro/ENGINEER will provide product development organizations with robust digital rights management (DRM) capabilities that apply persistent document security and management to native Pro/ENGINEER models, as well as specification sheets and supporting design documents (in PDF, DOC and XLS format), inside and outside the firewall.

Product development organizations began employing globalization strategies to outsource manufacturing in an effort to reduce production costs in the 1970s. The outsourcing of manufacturing can be considered as the starting point for global product development (GPD), a trend that has continued to evolve over the past 30 years and now includes outsourcing and off shoring of core design and development work. The integration of LiveCycle Rights Management ES and Pro/ENGINEER will help protect intellectual property in global product development environments. Users will be able to effectively manage document policies with capabilities for controlling access, auditing, expiration and revocation of models and documents even after they have been distributed. This level of security helps to ensure that only intended recipients can open a protected file inside and outside the firewall and that files can be made to expire on a specific date, or if necessary revoked immediately.

Ultimately, the integration of LiveCycle Rights Management ES with Pro/ENGINEER will help improve collaboration with supply chains, outsourcing partners, and teams across dispersed locations. Global businesses will have the ability to access lower cost specialty-skilled labor pools and develop products in a continuous 24/7 timeframe.

The integration is expected to be available from PTC with the next production release of Pro/ENGINEER.

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