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LC Rights Management Format Coverage Expands to Include Lattice & HitachiSoft’s XVL® 3D CAD Format

Manufacturing is now practically a global exercise, with parts vendors and production facilities located in countries around the world. With this rise in globalization, the risk to a company’s parts and production plans increases exponentially as those documents are sent from one partner to another. At the same time, providing easy access to the information to those who have the right and need to view it is also critical, especially with rising competitive & time-to-market pressures driving faster production timelines.

Lattice Technology Inc and HitachiSoftware Engineering Company’s announced integration with Adobe® LiveCycle® Rights Management brings Adobe’s unique, granular, document-level protection capabilities to the ultra-compressed XVL 3D data format, which is used to present complex CAD data in applications ranging from design review to planning and even parts catalogs.

This integration provides manufacturers with the ability to collaborate and share intellectual property with more confidence, and is strategic to Adobe’s commitment to extending the family of important manufacturing file formats protected by LiveCycle Rights Management.

LiveCycle ES Rights Management
is further compatible with the PTC Pro/Engineer and Dassault CATIA V5 CAD formats, and also protects PDF, Word, and Excel files.

FIPS 140 Validation Certificates for Acrobat, Reader, and LiveCycle

Version 8.1 of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader include the RSA BSAFE Crypto-C ME 2.1 encryption module with FIPS 140-2 validation certificate #828. FIPS mode can be enabled to restrict document encryption and digital signatures to FIPS approved algorithms (AES/RSA/SHA) from this library using these instructions.

Adobe LiveCycle ES includes the RSA BSAFE Crypto-J 3.5.04 encryption module with FIPS 140-2 validation certificate #590. FIPS mode is configured in the product installer.

Adobe Security Solutions at MAX 2007

MAX 2007 is an experience unlike any other, an opportunity to connect with thousands of Adobe users, experts, and staff for education, inspiration, and community. Join us to discover new skills, explore emerging technologies, and build valuable relationships.

This year’s conference tour is scheduled for:
* North America: Chicago, IL – September 30 – October 3
* Europe: Barcelona, Spain – October 15-18
* Japan: Tokyo – November 1-2

Below is a sampling of sessions covering various aspects of Adobe security solutions, features, and infrastructure:

LiveCycle Digital Security and Certification
This session will focus on the persistent rights management and document security technologies in the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. The components explored will include LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES, LiveCycle Rights Management (formerly Policy Server), and LiveCycle User Manager. The thrust of the talk will focus on LiveCycle ES as a service oriented platform for delivering key interactions with remote clients but will also showcase core capabilities and delve quickly into SDK’s and API’s for developers.

Implementing Rights Management (DRM) for Video Delivery
Content protection is an important consideration when creating and deploying streaming media. This session addresses the optimal ways to prepare, host, and deliver video content to the Flash player. We’ll examine administrative and security tools, tips, and tricks as part of Flash technology and Flash solutions.

LiveCycle Rights Management ES: Its Purpose, Scope, and Integration with Various Technologies and FormatsIn this session, we’ll provide an overview of Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES and how it is used to protect content. Afterward, the session will focus on some common integration tasks, including integration with enterprise content management (ECM) software, product lifecycle management (PLM) software, authentication environments (such as ActiveDirectory and LDAP), and multiple file formats. Topics will include Rights Management Customer Configuration and architecture, integration strategy, integration points, and open-source products.

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Security
Desktop application security creates different requirements for developers. Find out how the Adobe AIR security model will affect your application and what best practices you should follow to build more secure desktop applications using Adobe AIR.

Partner Summit: Meet the Team: An Enterprise Print and Scan Security Solution
Adobe has developed a solution that provides more secure document scanning, printing, collaboration, and auditing. This solution integrates Acrobat and LiveCycle Rights Management with MFP (multifunction peripheral) devices to provide end-to-end document security. Adobe is working with MFP OEMs to bring this solution to market in 2008 and is looking for VARs and systems integrators to partner with. Learn how you can extend document workflows by adding more secure print and scan services to your solutions.

Securing your Video delivery with Flash Media Server
Learn about the many new content protection mechanisms in Flash Media Server. We will cover content encryption and protection, rights management, protected streaming into Flash/AIR/AMP, SWF verification, content integrity, and user-based content protection.

Securing ColdFusion
Securing ColdFusion servers involves more than just setting an administrator password. From OS and HTTP issues to SQL injection attacks to vulnerabilities in installed software and more, there’s a lot to lock down and a lot to keep an eye on. This session will cover security at multiple levels, arming you with the know-how to protect your servers and valuable data.

Adobe Media Player: The New Model for Content Monetization
The Adobe Media Player offers content publishers new ways to monetize content by integrating advertising into both online and offline experiences. Explore the new advertising model, more secure content protection capabilities, flexible user-selected features for downloading and viewing “favorites,” and more.

Flash Player Cross-Domain Security
Find out how the Flash Player sandbox keeps your content and users safe from malicious attacks. Learn how to configure Flash Player using policy files, config files, and ActionScript to allow the communication you want and prevent the problems you don’t want.

Hands On: LiveCycle ES Business Process Management and Design
In this session, we’ll explain the process management functionality in Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. Topics will include components, control flow, data types and mappings, exception handling, events, parallel flows, security, subprocesses, transactions, versioning, short- vs. long-lived processing, and reporting.

Branding and Protecting Flash Enabled Video
Learn how to create and deliver interactive content featuring seamlessly integrated video. Create customized players that fit the look and feel of your project. Learn how to protect your content so you can deliver with confidence. Discover new components, including closed-captioning capabilities. This session will appeal to new Flash users, as well as Flash experts who are newly interested in video.

Introduction to Streaming with Flash Media Server
This session will provide an overview of the full ecosystem for delivering high performance streaming with Flash Media Server, including encoding, encrypting, securing, managing the assets, delivery options with Flash Media Server and the CDN, tracking, and reporting. Topics will include the difference between streaming and progressive video, the details of secure delivery, the use of DRM, and planning your Flash Media Server cluster. Come learn the basics of what Flash Media Server can do for your online video experience.