Digital Courtroom: Tribunale di Cremona

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A new case study is available showcasing Tribunale di Cremona, one of the Courts within the District of Tribunale di Brescia, using Adobe Connect with Adobe LiveCycle solutions to support an end-to-end process for holding legal proceedings with dispersed parties and efficiently delivering all required case documents.

In addition to supporting dynamic web conferences with streaming audio and video, Adobe solutions deliver other benefits to the Digital Connect project. For instance, the court can store court papers for each trial in Adobe PDF; plus staff can handle documents remotely and securely via digital signature authentication.

These capabilities are handled by Adobe LiveCycle solutions to address the need to assign policy controls to protect documents.

“These features are critical,” says Beluzzi. “A trial transcript can be shared among participants, downloaded, digitally signed just as if participants were physically next to each other. In addition, the transcript goes through a workflow and is automatically added to the remaining court papers.”

The project is the result of a productive collaboration with Adobe. First electronic court papers, then web conferencing-based court trials give the Italian justice system a new image: fast, efficient, and on time.

“By collaborating with Adobe and using products such as Adobe Policy Server, Adobe LiveCycle Workflow, and Adobe Connect, the court is designing a powerful system that can be replicated in other areas without customization,” says Beluzzi. “This is important because it allows Tribunale di Cremona to achieve great results with limited efforts, without developing ad hoc software.”

The Court has documented the excellent cost benefits of the system. The total cost of training and traveling for detainees and lawyers is about €467,000 a year. Using Digital Connect to perform trials and to train employees could save the Court over €1 million in three years.

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Posted on 02-04-2008