2008 Adobe Security Partner Summit, or What You Missed on My Vacation

Two weeks ago, Adobe held its annual 2008 Security Partner Summit.  The Summit is designed to offer partners the chance to see where our products are headed, to learn how they can best leverage the security capabilities in those products, and, most importantly, to interact directly with our product management & engineering teams to affect the future course of our products.  The Summit also provides Adobe with a great opportunity to listen to what our partners are hearing from their customers and how the changes we make in our products impact their business.

Partners in attendance were able to gaze into the future of both Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle ES.  They also heard the latest on Adobe’s…

  • thought leadership on electronic signatures;
  • EMEA partner strategy and unique regional requirements; and
  • Rights management capabilities and partnering opportunities.

For Adobe, partners are absolutely essential when it comes to matters of security as we define it: electronic / digital signatures, authentication, and rights management / encryption.  Our philosophy is to build robust capabilities into our own products and then adapt to particular customer needs through the careful selection of partners who can bring these solutions into being.  Whether it’s a handwritten electronic signature required to open an account at a bank branch office, single sign-on authentication into a LiveCycle administration portal, or certifying the US Federal Budget, our Security Partner Community is part and parcel of our ability to deliver powerful, compelling security solutions to clients the world over.

If you are a developer or systems integrator working with Adobe products and focusing on security, you owe it to yourself and your customers to join Adobe’s Solution Partner Program and Adobe’s Security Partner Community (SPC) .  As a member of these two programs you’ll get access to a wide variety of benefits, including invitations to the annual Security Partner Summit & our MAX Conference

If you’re already a member of our Solution Partner Program, but haven’t yet reached out to the SPC, what are you waiting for?  Adobe’s next Security Partner Summit is scheduled for 5-6 May 2009…we look forward to seeing you there!

And oh…about my speech relating security to my vacation in the Bahamas?  Well, you had to be there.  😉

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