LiveCycle Rights Management ES supports native Pro/ENGINEER documents

In early 2008 PTC shipped Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4, their integrated solution for 3D CAD/CAM. As announced in our relationship last year, PTC and Adobe have worked together to integrate Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES directly into Pro/ENGINEER, providing native CAD document protection. Sold as the Pro/ENGINEER Rights Management Extension, this solution exclusively works with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES, allowing designers to provide persistent and dynamic access control to Pro/ENGINEER part, assembly, and drawing files.

Adobe’s latest release of the LiveCycle Rights ManagementES Update 1 — provides additional functionality for Pro/ENGINEER customers wishing to manage and track iterated versions of protected parts and assemblies. These extensions enable designers to ensure that suppliers are instantly updated to the latest version of a design, decreasing the pain of mismatched versions when designing products sourced from multiple organizations.

Click on the following screenshot of Pro/ENGINEER for a brief tour of the functionality:

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