The benefits of rights management

Adobe recently published a whitepaper that highlights some of the features and benefits of using Rights Management. It provides a variety of anonymous case studies across industries that showcase how LiveCycle Rights Management ES can be applied across industries to minimize risk while increasing the effectiveness of communication.

Highlights of the case studies include:

  • Using the authentication SDK to allow custom integration with third-party authentication systems. By leveraging customers’ non-LDAP authentication infrastructure it reduced the cost to deploy and ensured the solution was non-disruptive.
  • Policy-based control enables flexibility in document usage via seven-day lease and IP address restrictions
  • Using the authorization SDK for native PLM integration, thereby extending the boundary of PLM control to documents regardless of whether they are on laptops, on file servers, or in email.
  • Helping to ensure only the most recent document version is available, regardless of distribution.
  • Secure offline access: viewing protected documents on a laptop with no network access. Authorized users can view only the latest versions of documents while on planes or in the field.
  • Smart card authentication: using multifactor authentication to increase security in high-risk environments.
  • Watermarking: help ensure printed documents reference employee name and timestamp of print to keep employees honest, as well as provide a trail of activity.
  • Audit SDK – View document access usage log data and perform trend analysis.

You can find the paper here.

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