Configuring Rights Management client access

Adobe’s LiveCycle Rights Management solution has been in the market since the beginning of 2005 and can be used to protect a growing variety of file formats – PDF, Office, CAD, and FLV as of our LiveCycle ES Update 1 release this past summer. The server works together with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader clients to protect, view, and manage sensitive PDF documents. Because support is included in every copy of Acrobat and Reader 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x, we have more than 700 million machines worldwide that are capable of receiving protected PDF documents with absolutely no configuration required or any special software to be deployed.

We give our customers the option to allow documents to be viewed on any of these clients out of the box, but understand that in certain cases customers might wish to restrict clients to the latest version. For example, there may be cases where customers want to take advantage of newly introduced functionality, such as the new AES-256bit encryption algorithms introduced earlier this year.

As such, we now allow customers to configure each deployed server to restrict which client versions or applications the server may communicate with. Technical details can be found at

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