News from Adobe’s Security Partner Community – ARX Deepens Support for Adobe Acrobat & Reader

We’re always pleased to see our partners taking advantage of key, integrated capabilities of our products to better serve our joint customers’ needs.  Yesterday, ARX (Algorithmic Research) announced that its CoSign product now supports the Adobe Signature Service Protocol (ASSP), built into Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader version 8.0 and above.

CoSign is a hardened, plug-and-play appliance that allows organizations to easily set up a centralized repository of digital IDs.  These credentials are securely stored on the appliance, eliminating the need for users to carry hardware tokens, which can add to the cost of a digital certificate (PKI) rollout.  The user simply authenticates to the server to access their credentials.

Prior to this announcement, ARX required users to install a small client to provide signing capabilities in Adobe products.  Now, with ARX’s ASSP support, users can set up Acrobat and Reader to access their centralized (roaming) credentials in CoSign for digital signatures without any additional software.  The ASSP protocol provides users with the ability to choose a roaming credential, specify an ASSP-capable server, and then, after clicking on a signature field, simply enter the appropriate authentication information to access their credential.  ASSP handles the behind the scenes communication between client and server, passing the hash (fingerprint of the document) up to the server for signature and then returning it to the client to be embedded back into the document.

Here’s a brief demo of how the system works…note that I’m using a test credential here.

Easy, huh?

With today’s announcement, ARX joins our other security partner Arcot in featuring support for the ASSP protocol.  This protocol is just the latest step in Adobe’s strategy to make electronic signature workflows easier and more productive. 

To learn more about Adobe’s security partner ecosystem, visit the Adobe Security Partner Community!


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