Adobe Secured Customer Showcase: Antwerp Port Authority

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The Antwerp Port Authority manages Europe’s second biggest port and is guided by the European Directive on Invoicing (EC / 115 / 201) to ensure member states implement electronic invoicing as part of the value added tax (VAT) legislation. The tax rule requires that each supplier guarantee the authenticity of origin and integrity of the content for invoices they create and ultimately archive for compliance.

To meet these requirements, Adobe LiveCycle ES has been deployed in conjunction with Globalsign certificates to ensure that PDF invoices are digitally certified to cryptographically bind the identity of the certifying party to the invoice itself. Users can then open the invoices using the free Adobe Reader and document authenticity and integrity automatically to detect whether the contents have been altered after certification.

By applying digital signatures, Antwerp Port Authority was able to quickly automate invoicing processes, thereby streamlining workflow, lowering costs, and meeting the mandatory European directives for compliance. The entire process is packaged into a seamless solution via the Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) platform.

Read more about Antwerp Port Authority’s successful implementation of Digital Signatures here.

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Posted on 02-09-2009