Acrobat and Reader 9.1 Now Available with Information Assurance Updates

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Version 9.1 of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are now available with critical security updates and other product improvements. Adobe strongly recommends all users update using the built-in software update system or manual download from Here are some additional details on this release:

The full release notes are available here, and the following are significant enhancements to information assurance functionality:

* Long term signature validation: The ability to validate a digital signature after certificates have expired or the certificate authorities are no longer available. This has been available in PDF by embedding the CRL or preferably OCSP revocation information and certificate path into the document –at signing time. 9.1 now allows this information to be embedded into a document –after signature, to extend the life of previously signed documents and any documents that may have been signed offline or otherwise unable to obtain revocation information.* Mac OS X Keychain: Supports digital signatures and encryption using software credentials and hardware tokens/smartcards accessible in the Keychain.* Apply Ink Signature: Provides mouse/pen input for ad-hoc handwritten signatures on a PDF document. This is available under the Sign toolbar button and does not require a form field in the document or any cryptographic operation.* Credential provisioning in PDF: For encrypted document/statement delivery, Acrobat and Reader facilitates PKCS#12 and ArcotID provisioning inside a PDF to a consumer’s desktop. This provides two-factor authentication using strong credentials that are easily distributed to recipients.Additional details and demonstrations of these capabilities will be discussed in upcoming blog posts.

OBTAINING THE 9.1 UPDATEThe auto-update mechanism should alert you of this update. You can manually force a check by going to:Top Menu: Help -> Check for Updates.Alternatively, you can download the installers from as follows:If you have Adobe Reader on Windows or Mac, the latest full installer is available here: you have Acrobat on Windows, the latest update installers are available here: you have Acrobat on Mac, the latest update installers are available here:

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Posted on 03-11-2009