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Adobe and Arcot Partner to SEND Secure Electronic Documents to Your Inbox

Tired of those paper bank statements, or having to log into your bank’s website to get your account information?  Adobe and Arcot announced Monday the launch of a new managed service called SEND to provide the ability for organizations to literally send secure PDF files to your email inbox, without requiring you to install anything other than the latest version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  Financial institutions, utilities, government agencies—really any organization or company that sends periodic paper documents, bills or notices—can take advantage of SEND.  The organization provides SEND with the PDF files and email addresses of recipients, and SEND takes care of the rest, encrypting the documents and delivering them to recipients. 

The idea of having information sent directly to you resonates strongly, even in our highly connected world, because you are empowered to manage the information and store it however you want.  Many have yet to opt for online solutions for this very reason.  However, paper statements are static, potentially subject to identity theft, and require action from recipients to service their accounts. 

With online statements, recipients no longer ‘receive’ information.  They must actively retrieve it from by logging into their institution’s website.  While certainly saving money for the institution and the end customer, this ‘pull’ model breaks the mold recipients are accustomed to, and makes it more difficult for recipients to manage their own information.  However, more dynamic marketing and at-your-fingertips service options are readily available at the institution’s website. 

With SEND, organizations can proactively bridge the gap from a paper to an electronic delivery model.

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Seamlessly storing and managing documents protected with LiveCycle ES

A frequent topic of conversation with customers is how LiveCycle ES can be used to seamlessly store and manage protected documents. Following on to an earlier discussion of some of the capabilities within LiveCycle Content Services ES, we recently published an article in the LiveCycle Developer Center describing how LiveCycle can be used as a repository of protected documents. An online guide as well a several Captivate demos can be found at

Need more information on how your organization can effectively manage and protect your intellectual property? Further information can be obtained at or by contacting Adobe

Brad’s Reality Check Interview

Our own Director of Product Security and Privacy, Brad Arkin, was recently interviewed by Gary McGraw in Cigital’s Reality Check Podcast series. From our Secure Product Livecycle to training and certification, the conversation touches on various aspects of software security and provides an overview of ASSET’s strategies to continuously enhance the security of Adobe’s products. Check it out!

DoD Certification of Acrobat and Reader 9

The United States Department of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) has certified both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader version 9…

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