Finding your way in the wood: Signature Terminology and Security Resources

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If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that we toss around lots of terms in each entry, along with references to standards, technologies, products and services.  Even if you haven’t read this blog before, you may have struggled trying to understand the difference between electronic and digital signatures, or what a "PKCS#11" is, or, for that matter, a trust anchor.

Well, struggle no more–today we published our latest security terms glossary, which should help to clearly define terms and keep everyone here in line with usage. (Let us know if we don’t!)   Over 140 terms are defined, along with spelled out acronyms, so you are no longer in the dark!  

What’s more, the glossary is posted on our Security Document Library site, part of the wiki area of Adobe’s web presence.   The Document Library contains links to the latest security documentation, including an omnibus guide, "Digital Signatures & Rights Management in the Acrobat Family of Products,"  which consolidates many separate documents we’ve had in the past on signatures, preferences, registry settings, encryption and the like.  In addition, there are links to many useful one page ‘keys’ on signature validation, icons, signature creation, etc.

Find the glossary here.  If we’ve missed any terms or some element of documentation, please email John Harris at jbharris(at)


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Posted on 08-27-2009