Contracts @ the speed of light: Adobe’s new Click-to-Accept solution

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Recently, Adobe launched its C2A (Click-to-Accept) service, providing partners and customers with the ability to electronically sign certain Adobe agreements without a lengthy approval and review process.  And what’s more, not only was it developed with the cross-functional support of product, information technology and legal teams within Adobe, it’s also based on off-the-shelf Adobe server and client products, including Adobe LiveCycle® ES, Flash, and Adobe Reader®.  We’ve talked in this blog about Adobe’s capabilities to support a wide range of electronic signatures within a single workflow, and here’s a clear example of that in production right here at Adobe.

When Adobe personnel need to send one of these agreements out for execution, they navigate to the Adobe Intranet and access LiveCycle Workspace ES to initiate the process.

They walk through a series of screens (Form Guides) to add information about the recipient.

When complete, this information (name, address, etc) is added to the agreement automatically by LiveCycle Forms ES, and an email sent to the recipient letting her know an agreement is ready for her signature.

c2aemail.jpgWithin that email,the recipient clicks on a link which brings her to The recipient enters her AdobeID and password.

The recipient is presented with the PDF version of the document in her browser and is given two options to either click “I Agree” or “I Do Not Agree” with the terms of the agreement.

If the recipient chooses Agree, the recipient is thanked, and LiveCycle, in the background, appends a page to the end of the document with details about the recipient and Adobe, as well as a paragraph describing the acceptance of the agreement by the recipient. The document is also certified by LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES to lock down the contents of the document for integrity and archiving purposes.

The finalized document is then delivered into Adobe’s contract management system and a copy also emailed to the recipient.



Alternatively, depending on the type of agreement, the recipient may be sent a link by her Adobe representative to the site where she will be prompted to authenticate and fill-in her specific information. Upon completion, the document is rendered, complete with her information, and the recipient can then execute the contract as described above.

Click here to see a copy of a sample non-disclosure agreement processed through the C2A system.

While only three North American agreements are currently covered by C2A, others may go live as the system matures.

For more information about how you can leverage Adobe’s products, including LiveCycle ES, to optimize and accelerate signature and approval workflows within your organization and support a wide range of electronic signature types for legal coverage worldwide, be sure to check out the resources below and/or contact your local Adobe representative. (Also be sure to read other past entries in this blog on signatures – here.)

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  • LiveCycle ES – Adobe LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that blends data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance.


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Posted on 09-14-2009