Critical Acrobat and Reader Updates Available

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Adobe’s Winter quarterly release of Acrobat and Reader is now available for version 8 and 9 customers…

The security updates are described in APSB10-02Release Notes for 9.3 are available in Technote 52073Release Notes for 8.2 are available in Technote 52074Information on Application Security controls now available in the new wikiThe easiest way to update your personally managed computer is by navigating to the Help menu -> Check for Updates.For managed deployments, additional documentation for administrators is available here: As described in Adobe’s Supported Product Versions, Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.x and Adobe Reader 7.x support ended on December 28, 2009. These versions and all previous versions are missing critical updates and users are recommended to upgrade to Acrobat or Reader. For more information, see Adobe Support Policies.

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Posted on 01-12-2010