Feature Spotlights – Rights Management ES2 Improvements

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Today’s post will cover a variety of other other improvements we’ve made to LiveCycle Rights Management ES2.

First, extending our previous capabilities to revoke documents and offer version notification, we now offer out-of-the-box “Revoke and Replace” functionality. By using LiveCycle Content Services as your document repository, you can make sure that every “major version” that is checked in supersedes any version people may have cached locally elsewhere. More info:


Second, our Extension for Office now offers dynamic visible watermarks much like we have offered previously for PDF files viewed within Acrobat and Reader. This means that you can exchange protected Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that visibly display the recipient’s name, email address, and the time they opened the document. More info:


Third, for developers out there who need to create policies programmatically, we’ve offered significant improvements in how our orchestration APIs work. More info:


Finally, customers have asked for additional flexibility in managing audit event records that track the history of a document. With the latest release you can export, archive, and delete event history specifying who has opened, modified, printed, etc, your protected documents. More info:


Need more information on how your organization can effectively manage and protect your intellectual property? Further information can be obtained at http://www.adobe.com/go/rm or by
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Posted on 04-02-2010