Need stronger authentication to LiveCycle Rights Management? Look no further…

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Today, Vasco Data Security announced an integration between its VACMAN and DIGIPASS authentication products and Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES2, enabling users to leverage Vasco security tokens to access protected, encrypted documents.

Enterprises are always looking for better returns on theirsecurity investments, while simultaneously wanting to protect their mostvaluable assets and information.  Robust one-time password (OTP)devices have become quite popular for login, VPN connections and otherapplications.  Now, thanks to Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management’sextensible architecture, DIGIPASSOTP tokens can also be used to access rights-managed documents.

Whena user opens a protected document, LiveCycle Rights Management ES2 willprompt the user for her username and one-time password to allow access.The user will then generate this password using her DIGIPASS token andenter it in the authentication dialog, providing secure access to thedocument.

According to Jan Valcke, President and COO at Vasco,”With documents increasingly being exchanged online, the risk of databreach has only increased. By integrating DIGIPASS authentication withAdobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES2 capabilities, higher assurancelevels can now be realized to securely exchange documents and complywith corporate data governance rules.”

For more information onthis collaboration, please read the press announcement here.

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Posted on 04-29-2010