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Cintas rolls out eSignature solution from SOFTPRO, leveraging Adobe LiveCycle ES and Reader

Late last week, SOFTPRO, one of the members of Adobe’s Security Partner Community, announced one of the largest known deployments of electronic signature technology alongside Adobe® LiveCycle ES (now known as the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP), Adobe Reader and tablet PCs.  The customer?  Cintas Corporation.

Cintas provides specialized services—among them uniform delivery, document management, and cleanroom resources—around the world for clients in a variety of markets.  Their trucks and personnel are recognizable the world over…and by the end of 2011, all Cintas sales representatives will be able to collect customer signatures directly on a tablet computer, eliminating the paper from their workflows and making the company both more efficient and more ecologically sustainable.

According to Brian Daniel, Director IT, at Cintas:

SOFTPRO is an excellent partner for us for two reasons. First, they understood our needs and worked closely with us to deploy and support our implementation. We knew we could count on them. Second, their solution is both robust and easy to implement. We are deploying a combination of technologies and SOFTPRO brings them all together.  Both our sales team and customers have been quite pleased with this roll-out.

SOFTPRO’s software integrates directly with Reader and LiveCycle ES, and allows Cintas to not only produce easy to use PDF forms with LiveCycle ES, but also easily electronically sign them in Reader.

Read the press release here, and for more on SOFTPRO, visit their website here.

Reflecting on RECON2011:

Last week I got a chance to travel to Montreal to attend the RECON2011 conference. In my last blog post I talked about this conference being among the best for deep technical security information. I am glad to report that’s still the case. There were talks on all aspects of reverse engineering, multiple operating system internals, and other complex security topics.The conference is run as one track, packed with technical presentations on relevant security topics.  This is a great plus for our security staff that are always continuously looking to improve Adobe products security.   

 The other plus is that the number of technical experts in one room creates a great opportunity for us to engage in valuable security-related conversations. Here at Adobe, listening to the feedback and input from the security community is a critical aspect of our overall security strategy. We are always eager to hear people’s thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of our efforts.  At RECON2011, we had the opportunity to talk with many in the security community about our activities, and I am happy to say that most seemed to feel that we are on the right track but are not done yet.  This is something we recognize.  We understand that security is more like a marathon versus a sprint. So there is always more good work that can be done, especially as the threat landscape is constantly evolving. This conference allowed us to collect some great feedback and we will we be bringing that feedback in-house to evaluate and put to use.  One example of a valuable piece of feedback was to continue to innovate on our sandbox initiative. Sandbox has been great for the Reader 10 user base and continual improvement can only make things better.


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Completing the Circle: EchoSign Acquisition Rounds Out Adobe’s Electronic Signature Offerings

Adobe’s history is one of not only inventing and adapting amazing technology, but also making those same innovations easy to use.  Over ten years ago, we took the complex world of public key infrastructure (PKI) & digital certificates, and in turn, made digital signing a one-click process on a PDF within Acrobat and Reader on your PC or Mac.  So it naturally follows that yesterday Adobe continued this trend towards great technology made simple and announced that it had acquired leading electronic signature provider EchoSign.

EchoSign offers an easy-to-use, yet fully-featured, electronic signature service that allows users, from individuals to large enterprises, to easily upload documents, set up a signing workflow, and have recipients sign with a simple click-through process.

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