Introducing Tripod: an Open Source Machine Learning Tool

The Human Element and Security Awareness

Automating Secure Firewall Change Requests


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Adobe @ OWASP Bucharest 2017

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Everywhere across the globe various events are held to further awareness and educ...

Leveraging Security Headers for Better Web App Security

Modern browsers support quite a few HTTP headers that provide an additional layer in any defense-in-depth strategy. If present in an HT...

OWASP, IR, ML, and Internal Bug Bounties

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the OWASP Summit located just outside of London. The OWASP Summit is not a conference. It is a remote of...

Join Members of our Security Team at AppSec Europe and Security of Things World

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Re-assessing Web Application Vulnerabilities for the Cloud

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Observations From an OWASP Novice: OWASP AppSec Europe

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ColdFusion 11 Enhances the Security Foundation of ColdFusion 10

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