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Recent Wiki Activity

This post is in continuation of the previous one where we added a component to display the upcoming events of a calendar.

Here we would create a similar component and try to display the status of the recent wiki activity.


As usual go ahead and create a new component using the component wizard in the CRXDE.


Once done open up the JSP page and add following piece of code to retrieve the nodes.

String queryStatment = "select * from wiki:Topic where jcr:path like '"+currentPage.getPath()+"/wiki/%'order by wiki:lastModified desc";
Query q = currentNode.getSession().getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery(queryStatment,Query.SQL);
NodeIterator nodeIter = q.execute().getNodes();

Iterate through the node entries and retrieve the version history like

VersionHistory vh = node.getVersionHistory();
long size = vh.getAllVersions().getSize();

For newly added wiki entries the version size would be 1 and for all other updated entries it will be greater than 1.


After adding valid wiki entries and adding the component to the page it should resemble like given below.




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